About the Astro-data service

The Astro-data service is a data grid solution for astronomers build with the well-established iRODS system. Users get access to a federation of geographically distributed storage at the astronomical institutions (currently at CAMK and OA UJ) and at the supercomputing centers (currently ACK Cyfronet). But it is much more than just a storage - the data can be annotated with a metadata for easy searching, users can define access policies, build rules for automated data management and the data can be easily shared (also publicly via web links). Furthermore we provide public access to selected astronomical data sets! We hope that this service will greatly ease data sharing and stimulate collaboration among polish astronomers.


Components of the Astro-data service


  • Web client - menage your data, upload, download, create metadata, copy, backup in your browser.
  • Desktop client - everything as above but with a dedicated client which can run on any system supporting Java.
  • Public repositories - use publicly available astronomical data collections or present your own to selected persons, communities, or worldwide (with Virtual Observatory).


User documentation is public.